With the future implementation, developers will be able to build end-to-end on Web3's most powerful tools and test their dApps on Web3's most powerful testing environment

Uniblock and BuildBear

We're excited to announce that Uniblock, the first unified API for web3, and BuildBear, a web3 devtool that helps developers with private testnets and sandbox environments are working on an integration to provide a better building and testing experience for blockchain apps.

The new integration will help BuildBear users leverage Uniblock's suite of APIs, SDKs, and no-code tools to make building & deploying products in web3 as easy as it is in web2. In exchange Uniblock users will be able to deploy and test their applications in a sandbox environment using BuildBear, prior to deploying it on mainnets.

"We're thrilled to be collaborating with BuildBear. We believe our partnership will be a key unlock for developers looking to simplify the building of new web3 apps and testing them. Ultimately both Uniblock & BuildBear have a shared goal of enabling developers to focus on innovation and creativity, and we look forward to making progress on that together." - Kevin Callahan, CEO & Co-Founder, Uniblock

"Uniblock's APIs, SDK and Smart-Contract Launcher are some of the most polished tools that I have used myself. We, at BuildBear, are super pumped with this collaboration. We have so many users who can immediately benefit from such no-code tools." said Dipesh Sukhani, Co-Founder of BuildBear Labs

The integration of Uniblock's and BuildBear's products is expected to be executed in the coming months. Developers can look forward to a more efficient and user-friendly process for building blockchain-based applications in the near future.

To learn more about how you can get all the most powerful Web3 Tools combined check out Uniblock, and to learn more about how you can test Dapps at scale, visit Buildbear.