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50+ Supported Chains

Seamlessly read from and write to an array of over 50+ blockchains including Solana, POKT, BASE among others.

1000+ APIs Available

Query data from over 1000+ APIs such as including Token, NFT, and Transaction among others.

50+ Partners Integrated

We pull from 50+ of the most reliable and in-demand providers like Alchemy, Moralis, and QuickNode.

Uptime with fallbacks and redundancies
Average monthly savings
Unique Blockchain and Web3 Endpoints
Active users and growing

Unified Web3 API

Blockchain Data

Transaction Data

Defi Data

NFT Data

Smart Contract Data

Blockchain Data

Transaction Data

Defi Data

NFT Data

Smart Contract Data

Blockchain Data

Transaction Data

Defi Data

NFT Data

Smart Contract Data

Backup and Unify your Web3 tools

Integrate step by step

Add Providers

A provider is a service where you get blockchain data. Easily add and manage several providers all in one dashboard.

Organize backups

In the event of a service failure of the primary provider, a repeated request will be sent on your behalf to the next backup provider. The correct data will be delivered to your app without extra work.

Call APIs

Learn 1 platform to use several great Web3 tools. All data returned are normalized to a single standard. Instantly swap between different providers.

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