Building the right tech stack is key

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How to choose the right tech stack for your company?

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What to consider when choosing the right tech stack?

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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What tech stack do we use at Techly X?

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BukProtocol provides the legos required to create secondary markets for time sensitive RWA. BukProtocool is tokenizing the underlying assets(Hotel room bookings, flight tickets, event tickets and the likes) to make them transferable and tradable on the blockchain, creating a transparent secondary market for them. Already partnered with Expedia, Priceline and similar large brands, Buk is driven by a team with over 30 years of collective experience from Fortune 50 companies, who are focused on creating a new asset class and ecosystem across the travel industry. Their vision is to onboard web2 companies to utilize web3 technologies and make the underlying industry flexible, transparent, and frictionless.

The Challenge

The struggle to scale with expensive integration costs 

BukProtocol built a technical showcase for their technology, a hotel booking platform that sells tokenized hotel inventory, which faced significant challenges with implementing blockchain technology within their travel services. The primary issue was the complexity of integrating advanced blockchain features in a user-friendly manner. This was critical for ensuring that the advantages of blockchain, such as increased security and transparency, were accessible to all users without technical barriers.

The company set forth specific objectives to address these challenges. Their main goal was to develop a travel booking and management system that was both secure and easy to use, capitalizing on blockchain's capabilities. Another key objective was to innovate in the travel industry by introducing a new asset class, aligning with their vision of transforming travel through technological disruption.

The Solution

Streamlining Blockchain Integration

Uniblock provided Buk Trips with a comprehensive suite of tools and services to streamline their blockchain integration. The solutions included:

API Aggregation: Uniblock provided Buk Trips with a single platform to access various blockchain APIs. This integration meant Buk Trips could easily incorporate diverse blockchain functionalities without managing multiple platforms, enhancing operational efficiency.

Fallback Systems: To ensure continuous service, Uniblock implemented load balancing to distribute network traffic evenly. The fallback systems provided an additional layer of reliability, reducing the risk of downtime.

API Key Management: By simplifying API key management, Uniblock enhanced Buk Trips' security and streamlined their access to different blockchain services, saving time and reducing technical complexities.

Cost-Efficient Pricing Model: Uniblock’s negotiated rates with various blockchain service providers led to lower operational costs for Buk Trips, optimizing their budget for technology solutions.

Streamlined Smart Contract Deployment: Buk Trips utilized Uniblock's no-code smart contract launcher to swiftly deploy custom smart contracts. This allowed them to efficiently handle travel-related transactions, such as bookings and payments, fully integrated with Uniblock's unified API system. This approach significantly reduced the time and technical expertise required for blockchain integration in their travel services.

These solutions collectively enabled Buk Trips to effectively utilize blockchain technology in their services, improving efficiency and user experience while reducing costs.

The Results

Elevating Travel with Uniblock: Buk Trips Achieves New Heights in Efficiency and Customer Experience

Buk Trips' collaboration with Uniblock has brought about significant enhancements in both their operational workflow and financial management. The partnership resulted in annual savings of over $200K in API and blockchain integration costs, a critical improvement in their budget efficiency. This is especially notable considering the initial projection of API costs, which stood at around $300K annually.

Furthermore, the partnership has expedited BukProtocol ability to launch new services, reducing time to market by 1-2 months. This improvement in speed not only signifies their responsiveness but also their capacity to quickly adapt to market demands. The 80% reduction in development integration time, translating to a financial saving of $200K to $400K annually, highlights the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Uniblock's solutions.

These outcomes have not only solidified BukProtocols’ position in the competitive travel industry but also underscored the value of their partnership with Uniblock, marking a new era of growth and innovation.

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