Uniblock and QuickNode Partner to Build the First Complete Web3 Tech Stack

Kevin Callahan

February 21, 2024

Chief Executive Officer @ Uniblock

Discover how Uniblock & QuickNode are revolutionizing Web3 development, making it simpler & more efficient. Start building with ease today!

Uniblock and QuickNode Partner to Build the First Complete Web3 Tech Stack

We're excited to announce our partnership with QuickNode, a leading blockchain development platform, to create the first complete Web3 technology stack. This collaboration is set to manage orchestration, API, and blockchain layers, tackling the long-standing challenge developers face in finding a reliable, all-encompassing technology stack akin to the well-established ones in Web2. This partnership aims to bridge that gap, offering a seamless solution.

What is the Complete Web3 Tech Stack?

To understand what the full web3 stack is, we must first understand the architecture layers that currently make up the web3 development process:

Architecture Layers - Top down

Presentation layer / Application Layer - User Information, presentation, and navigation. Includes UI displays, input validation and visualization of data.

Business Layer - Execute the business rules, calculations, and processes specific to the application's domain or purpose. 

Middle Layer - Abstraction over the data and other source systems with routing, caching, data manipulation all providing a centralized location for data access operations. Take note of this layer.

Network/Data Layer - protocols and mechanisms that enable communication, interoperability between nodes, data transfer external internal/external to the blockchain
Hardware Layer -
physical servers, computational power, storage, and networking capabilities for blockchain operation, including the validation, and storage of blocks, as well as the execution of smart contracts.

Explanation of the Middle Layer

Within traditional Web2 development, the developers have access to hundreds of offerings in services for each layer. In many cases, the computing giants (AWS, Google, etc) have rolled multiple layers of services into their respective platforms. Developers are spoiled in terms of reliable, scaleable, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient solutions. 

Data is readily available across hundreds of sources with the data itself being refined over years of use and improvements. Tools supporting the development are widespread (Kong, Apigee, Azure API Mgmt, etc).

Changing the Web3 Development Status Quo

Bringing Web2 Practices into Web3

In Web3 space, many of the luxuries traditional developers have access to in development infrastructure simply doesn’t exist. With a lack of options, the middle layer is typically mashed together with custom code between the business logic and blockchain. We have experienced with our blockchain developers that there are typically 2 options for building applications. Hosting your own nodes which comes with heavy maintenance and upkeep as well as complexity or using a blockchain data provider. The second option lowers complexity but limits the data and can have reliability issues. It's very common for developers to custom stitch together switches or backups and functions just to integrate a few different providers. 

Uniblock is the stabilized API orchestration that handles all the routing, fallback, data standardization, and authentication that already exists in Web2. Uniblock will remove the complexity for getting and using blockchain data. Covering dozens of data providers with many standard orchestration features built-in. We wanted Uniblock for our projects connecting the chain data to the rest of our apps, so we built it ourselves. 

We're essentially introducing an orchestrated middle layer to Web3 to automate the interactions between different blockchain services which, until now, developers had to manage manually. This time-consuming and error-prone process is streamlined by our orchestration layer, ensuring efficient data flow and robust error handling, and allowing developers to focus on creating rather than on intricate blockchain API management.

The Partnership

QuickNode plays a critical role in building the middle layer orchestrator by providing a comprehensive suite of blockchain API endpoints and infrastructure services essential for secure, decentralized innovation. Their globally-balanced infrastructure guarantees reliability and security, aligning perfectly with our mission to provide reliable data streams that optimize our orchestration services. Together, we're not just addressing the existing gaps in Web3 development; we're setting a new standard for building decentralized applications, offering developers an integrated, efficient, and scalable tech stack that mirrors the reliability and ease of development associated with Web2 technologies.

Carl DiClimenti, Head of Developer Relations at QuickNode, shares our enthusiasm for solving this issue, stating, "QuickNode is excited to partner with Uniblock to solve this critical challenge in blockchain development. Together, our products reduce a major barrier to building in Web3 and help developers spend more time building and shipping."

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Kevin Callahan, emphasizes the significance of this partnership, noting, "Until now, blockchain developers have had to spend extra time and capital to build infrastructure that mirrors what they’d find in Web2 to operate at scale. With QuickNode, we’ve built the first complete Web3 tech stack – removing a significant hurdle so developers can build and ship faster."

Mansoor Madhavji, Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, recognizes the importance of our strategic partnership, stating, "It's a testament to our belief in Uniblock's vision and potential to streamline and accelerate the development of decentralized applications, setting a new standard for innovation and accessibility in the Web3 ecosystem."

Build With Uniblock:

Our collaboration with leading platforms like QuickNode underscores our commitment to removing the complexities traditionally associated with blockchain development. By choosing Uniblock, developers gain access to a streamlined, comprehensive Web3 tech stack, facilitating a smoother transition from idea to deployment.

Institutions and teams eager to harness the full potential of Web3 can leverage Uniblock's orchestration platform, designed to simplify the integration of blockchain data from diverse sources. We offer a suite of tools that includes automated data routing, fallback mechanisms, standardization, and authentication - all aimed at ensuring your applications run seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Sign Up for Uniblock: Begin by creating an account on Uniblock to access our comprehensive Web3 tech stack and orchestration services.
  • Explore Our Documentation: Familiarize yourself with our platform through our detailed documentation, offering step-by-step guides and best practices for integrating blockchain data seamlessly.
  • Leverage QuickNode’s Infrastructure: Utilize QuickNode’s powerful blockchain infrastructure within Uniblock to enhance the scalability, reliability, and performance of your applications.
  • Build and Deploy: With the tools and services provided by Uniblock and QuickNode, start building your decentralized applications. Our platform simplifies the development process, enabling you to bring your ideas to life more rapidly and efficiently.

Our collaboration with QuickNode marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3, providing developers with a seamless, integrated environment to build the decentralized applications of the future. With this complete tech stack, developers can accelerate their projects, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the decentralized world.

- The Uniblock Team